The sun is hot, the ice cream is melting all over the car seat, and Blizzard is looking to make a few bucks by hosting a World of Warcraft summer sale.

If you’re among those either really new to World of Warcraft or very late to the Battle for Azeroth scene, then Blizzard has a treat for you. As part of the sale, Blizzard is marking down the expansion from $50 to $20 (of course, you could always wait and hope that the studio will roll BFA into the standard subscription when Shadowlands goes live later this year). The deluxe edition with bonus goodies also got a discount, from $70 down to $30.

There are plenty of other cash shop items on sale here, including a half-dozen half-priced mounts, a small stable of pets, fireworks, and previous expansion digital bonus bundles. This sale is scheduled to conclude on July 19th.

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