When World of Warcraft opens the gates to the land of the dead in Shadowlands, players are going to need a place to congregate, and that place is going to be Oribos. It’s the heart of the Shadowlands, in a way; the Arbiter sits here and judges each mortal soul passing through, sending it to the appropriate realm to rest. But the Arbiter is now silent, the Maw is sucking in all the souls, Anima is a problem, and so the residents of Oribos have concluded that the thing to do is become the capital city for the expansion.

They may not have used those exact words.

Of course, in addition to providing all of the functions you want in a hub city (profession trainers, barber shops, mailboxes for some reason, portals to older cities, the most readily accessible repair vendor), Oribos has its own problems, as some of the Attendants are starting to doubt the very purpose of what they do in light of the fact that things have clearly gone awry. Not in the “questioning what you’re doing” business, meanwhile, is this profile of player DesMephisto, the man with 49 different max-level warriors and the current speedrun champ of bringing a character to 120 as fast as possible. He knows what he’s about; he’s good at it.

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