Warframe’s internet spaceships are getting a major overhaul, along with a whole lot more. In a completely massive post on the forums, Digital Extremes touched on a variety of adjustments that are being made to Railjacks, Archwings, several healing and defence abilities, and Conclave Mods that are now being tuned for PvE. And this is only part one.

Obviously, a post this size is too big to touch on the finer details, but Cliff’s Notes version is that it breaks down general changes, ship combat changes, and on-foot changes in patch notes form. There are also some notes on Railjack pacing posted as well.

The post also goes over a number of Archwing adjustments that are coming soon, from fixes to systemic and avionics changes, along with a look at some new Avionics that will be arriving. Healing AoE and damage reduction abilities are also undergoing a variety of changes, with individual abilities getting a table of what’s different.

Finally, a number of Conclave mods will be converted from PvP to PvE. These mods will still be earnable in Conclave, but will also become available in Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker as part of the Cred Offerings.

There really is too much to cover here, so make sure to read through the full post.


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