Say you’re the sort of person who managed to figure out how to progress in Warframe to the point that you’ve completed the entire Star Chart. Say you also hate yourself and want to face enemies that are 100 levels higher than you. Well, friend, you’re ready to walk The Steel Path, the latest update to the PC version of the action MMO.

The Steel Path does pretty much what the opening says: The Origin System is completely changed, offering up enemies that are 100 levels harder but also granting rewards like a higher chance of finding resources and mods, the opportunity to earn more resources and Mastery, and unique goodies like emotes, trophies, and Steel Essence that drops from Eximus enemies that can be traded in for Kuva, Relics, or Bishamo Armor blueprints.

For those who are here for the lore, episode three of Glassmaker is also live with the update, along with several optimizations, fixes for Railjack, Nightwave, Rapololyst, and the Granum Void, and the Urushu Deluxe cosmetics for the Khora ‘Frame. There are more details both on the announcement page and in the patch notes.

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