It’s time once again to peek in on an MMO that has been out of the regular news cycle for a little while. This time, we’re looking at the voxelbox title Creativerse, and hey look, there’s been a recent update that focuses on the introduction of a store item.

The items in question are a QBits, which is described as tiny yet hard-working little robots that can build blueprints for players, letting them put together large-scale builds in a flash. Not only are these boxy helpers available in the store, but they can also be earned for free as part of the game’s login rewards. The update also added some new machines, new costumes, and a new industrial accessories set, which will be free to get for a limited time.

Speaking of this new accessories set, Creativerse is hosting a contest where players build a QBits Construction Co. store using the set and submitting a screenshot for a prize of 200 coins, 5 QBits, and 5 Rocket packs. The contest runs until Monday, June 1st.

For those who perhaps don’t recall, Creativerse is a colorful and boxy sandbox MMO that arrived to Steam Early Access in 2014, though the game has since released fully in May 2017. There were some concerns about the game’s future due to layoffs at developer Playful Studios, but the game appears to have weathered the storm. As of this writing, Steam user reviews sit at an overall “Mostly Positive,” while the game’s population appears to be fluctuating; concurrency has been up and down over the course of the title’s life, though more recent trends see some gains and current player counts of 688 in a 24-hour period, all of which seems to suggest that Creativerse has found its niche.

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