Spring has been busy for the blocky sandbox MMO Boundless, which is following up its April beacon reclaim patch with rainbows this week. Nope, not kidding: The Square-Enix-backed MMO added what it’s calling Gleambow Racing.

“On Rugged and Inhospitable Lush worlds, all Meteorites are replaced by Gleambow Meteorites. A Gleambow is a unique type of meteorite made from natural Blocks in a variety of colours. They can be identified by their spectacular multicoloured trails. If you’re lucky, you may even find a pure Gleam or Glass Gleambow. Fancy! Once a Gleambow touches down, you’ll only have a short time before its Blocks adopt the natural colours of the World. Sprint, Grapple, Warp, slide, leap, swim and Buff your way across the landscape before it’s too late.”

The update also includes Gleamtrunk enemies, Gleamberry Juice snacks, Gleampop water-walking buffs, and the Gleambubbler, which shoots bubbles out of your butt, probably.

Boundless is currently on sale for $19.99 as part of Steam’s Memorial Day sale binge. Wanna see more? We streamed the game’s farming system last year.

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