Lord of the Rings Online’s soundtrack is well-loved by many who have played the game, tying in memorable tunes to specific locations to where these songs ARE the Shire, Rivendell, and Moria for us. But what is really interesting is that there is a huge repository of “unreleased” music for the game that either hasn’t gotten a formal release anywhere or hasn’t been used in the game yet.

Lately, I’ve been going through this massive library of music to yank out some of the better pieces to share with you. Again, these may or may not be in the game world, or they may be variations on classic themes, but they’re good, solid LOTRO music even still. Enjoy!

“In These Desperate Times”

“Desperate” is a good word to use in the title there because you can really hear the anxiety rumble through the first half of the track. But in the second minute, it transitions to this hopeful melody that does a lot to lift spirits.

“Shire Theme”

This right here will always be what I think of when I think of this amazing zone. It’s a bit of a different twist on the regular theme, but I welcome variations.

“Hobbit’s Music”

Short, peppy, Hobbity tune that takes the Shire theme and turns it into a jig.

“Rebuilding the Neighborhood”

This slow theme has a solid hook that I find myself whistling from time to time. Could’ve done without all the tambourines though.

“The Feast-hall of Merethond”

If you like your wordless, echoey female vocals, here is a track for you.

“Indoor 6”

A great example of the ambient string tracks that the early game peppered into many cozy taverns and houses.

“Mug of Ale”

Ugh, this track hits me right in the feels. Seriously, the beginning zones have such terrific music that draws you right into the game world.


A more percussion heavy-track with a toe-tapping beat. I heard this a lot in some of the businesses and establishments of Bree and points west.


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