This is the year of no E3, the year with no big summer convention in which everyone packs together in a building to see the latest games that can be anticipated for the years to come. Of course, somebody has already speculated that we don’t really need trade shows any longer, but this year is the perfect opportunity to test that theory out. And it turns out that according to Superdata… the lack of E3 is really working out just fine for AAA publishers this year, with the embrace of streams and other press releases more or less bridging the attention gap just fine.

Analyst group Fancensus has a lengthy piece on penned by head of analytics Ryan Janes further breaking down the impact, noting that smaller ventures like the Indie Showcase from the Escapist have allowed for developers and publishers to show off titles with comparable levels of engagement. So it seems that when a year gave us a reason to see what life is like without an E3, the answer was… well, at least from the developer side of things, just fine. Probably not the takeaway anyone organizing for another event was hoping to hear.

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