Remember when a dataminer in May unearthed details of a new game mode that involved a multi-story skyscraper being taken back by Agents? The datamine that was confirmed by the devs at the time? Well, now we’re all getting more succinct details of this new game mode, which is being dubbed Summit.

Summit tasks players with climbing through 100 floors of a building, clearing out 10 floors of foes at a time and completing specific challenges along the way. Checkpoints are available every third floor and a boss awaits at the tenth story. Once the boss is taken down, players can elect to press on to more difficult floors or re-run the previous 10 floors for more loot. The Summit is meant to provide a replayable endgame experience whether players are looking to gear up or take on a stern challenge, with factions and objectives that vary from run to run and multiple difficulty levels on offer.

The Summit is part of The Division 2’s 2020 content roadmap, which will be bringing the mode on September 22nd as well as Season 3 in Title Update 11. From there, December will see the launch of Season 4 and this winter will introduce a Codename: Nightmare special event that will be detailed later. You can check out the visual roadmap below for the brief details.

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