The devs of Star Trek Online have added a new item for sale in Mudd’s Market, and they appear to be pretty excited about it, devoting an announcement post and a livstream to the new cash shop item. It’s called Mudd’s Stealing Time Choice Pack, and it grants buyers their choice of three out of six items, which include several account unlock T6 ships, two Zen Store T6 Ship 100% off coupons, 10 Ultimate Tech Upgrades, and a Phoenix Prize Pack epic prize token.

The stream goes on to elaborate on this particular bundle, explaining that this bundle is about bringing up ships that maybe have been forgotten about and making them easier for players to get their hands on. If this particular bundle does well, then additional bundles of this kind may be offered in the future. For the record, this new bundle is priced at 29,500 Zen ($295), but is currently half off until June 4th, costing “only” 14,750 Zen (about $148).

The stream also did pick up a few random questions as well. You can either watch the full embed below or look over this synopsis from Reddit.

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