Today is not yet a good day to die… but that day is coming soon, as the Year of Klingons approaches in Star Trek Online and the development team has shown off some of the work done on the Empire and its stories. Indeed, players may now start their careers upon remastered ships and with an improved tutorial experience from the moment you first strap on your d’k tahg a a proper soldier of the Klingon Empire.

Beyond even that, the models have been improved for several characters, including Worf, J’mpok, Kargan, and K’mtar, and Klingon men may sport a wider variety of facial hair. Several Klingon ships have also received remastered models, marking your ship as a glorious sight rather than the unfit scow of a petaQ. There is more to come, but fans will wish to survey what is already on display before even more of the improvements to the KDF are revealed in all their glory. Qapla’!

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