Star Citizen’s planetary surfaces are pretty vast, but they also are pretty barren of fauna, which means that either the devs haven’t had a chance to create critters yet or the UEE has utterly broken the natural order, and since those burgers and burritos have to get their protein from somewhere, we assume it’s former and not the latter. Also, the recent Calling All Devs video talked about the first creatures coming to the game, so there’s that, too.

The video specifically talked about the introduction of the space cow and space whale. The cow is known as the Kazi Grazer, and as the moniker “space cow” would have you believe, it’s a herd animal and is likely herbivorous. Space whales, meanwhile, don’t have a name just yet but will be found in Crusader.

What do these new beasts mean for the game? Beyond simply having new things to look at, these creatures could also become a source of materials, with things like hiding and eggs (yes, eggs) harvestable from the Grazers and some form of harvestable barnacle-like resource that can be plucked from the back of space whales, which means landing on these creatures and nabbing things from their bodies will apparently be a thing.


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