Shroud of the Avatar ended its month with another newsletter update this past Thursday, introducing fans to Spindelskog, a Tier 10+ adventure scene that will later offer scaled down versions as development progresses.

“Hidden within the tangle of an ancient forest, this adventure scene contains dangers never before faced by the Avatars of New Britannia! Shadowy beasts lurk within, such as the Onus and Feram Cavas! These vile creatures posses terrifying abilities sure to thwart any trespasser!”

In addition to this new scene, players got a look at the draft version of the game’s first PvP tourney. Readers will recall that Catnip Games expressed a desire to hold weekly PvP events, and this PvP Collections tourney is the first step towards making good on that promise. In this tournament, players can only select one of several chosen tasks as well as take on bonus tasks for points, with the highest point earners getting those shiny PvP trophies.

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