Ahoy there! Custom servers for Sea of Thieves have been spotted — but right now, they’re so far out on the horizon that you probably shouldn’t cancel those important plans to binge watch the latest Netflix series.

Rare announced that limited testing is about to commence for these private servers with a “bare-bones feature set” that will allow players to set up ships and invite friends to join them in on the fun. These servers, at least for the time being, won’t allow for any gold or reputation progression.

“We see a bright future for custom servers in Sea of Thieves,” said the studio, “but we want to start purposefully with the dual purpose of learning from this initially small audience and expanding the custom server toolset before we think about rolling out more widely and what that will entail. The first step is to roll these out in an alpha state and start learning. We expect this to be a lengthy alpha phase where we listen, learn and evolve what custom servers deliver in terms of tools available to those using them.”

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