You’ve got map objectives to capture, you’ve got some throwing knives, and that’s your lot in life. That’s the experience in the latest Showdown variation added to Red Dead Online, giving players access to throwing knives and a need to capture points mixed with a handful of shotgun pickups available. So you’ll have a lot of people you need to perform violence to and very limited means for meting out that violence. This is a difference from the usual routine.

The developers are promising that this is just the start of a series of future modes, with two new variants previewed already: a Last Stand mode in which players spawn next to a random weapon and have one life to survive all attackers, and a Name Your Weapon mode in which you have to compete with skill-based and highly explosive weapons. (So expect that one to be like the average game of Worms.) For now, though, it’s throwing knives and captures.

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