If I were playing a bullet hell dungeon crawling MMO like Realm of the Mad God, I would want to have a support class with me. Luckily for me (and players like me), there is one thanks to the addition of the Bard.

As one expects from a Bard, support comes from the use of three different songs to buff party members’ mobility, DPS, and survivability respectively. Use of a Lute will also increase everyone’s range by 25%, while lutes that are tier 3 and up also give Bards bonuses to speed on equip and defense on use.

The update has also made a wide swath of changes to Realm, all of which are outlined in the patch notes posted to Reddit. It should be pointed out that this update is specific to Realm: Exalt, the Unity version of the game, which has effectively taken over the Flash version of the game and is currently in open beta. Finally, a very deep dive into the skills, untiered abilities, and equipment of the Bard class is all laid out in the video below.

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