The most recent update for Project Gorgon has made a pretty broad swath of adjustments overall. One of the first series of changes are UI related, including turning overhead labels on by default, an avatar portrait, some adjustments to the “close last panel” function, and a combination of health and armor floating damage numbers into one number among the adjustments. There are also some new chat UI features such as the ability to customize channel colors and share recipes in chat.

The update has also made some tweaks to the recently released Fairy race, such as five different fairy wing potions each covering only one or two styles of wing to make it easier for players to find the wings they want, a slower rate of ice melting, and adding a quest to all beehives in the Fae realm. Incidentally, each hive can now be completed once every five days instead of every one day, and the rewards have been tweaked.

Speaking of beehives encounters, the “poke the hive” wave survival encounters have gotten a number of revisions as well. They’re still meant for five to six players of level 70 and up, but they should be much easier, with encounters ending after three waves and no wave of enemies having more than one elite or boss monster in its group. “We want these encounters to be frantic, and feel dangerous, but not feel insane. In other words, they should be fun,” read the notes.

There are a lot of other changes in this update as well, including some monster buffs, changes to the Monsters & Mantids casino game, bug fixes, and a preview of a new animal husbandry system that lets players breed and sell pets. Full information is written out in the notes.

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