Do you have friends that you want to play Population Zero with? Then you’re probably in rare company, but more on that later. With the survival sandbox’s most recent update, joining your friends for a session has gotten a lot easier thanks to the appropriately titled “play with friends” option that will show up on the game mode screen. Selecting this option will show you which friends are playing and how much time is left in their session. From there, it’s just a simple matter of clicking the “join” button, letting the client restart, and then hopping alongside your buddy for some adventures on Kepler.

The update has also made a round of adjustments and added a teleport item that lets players return to the Main Hub once every 40 minutes, all of which is detailed in the latest patch notes.

Of course, the play with friends feature assumes the perfect scenario of friends playing Population Zero exists. The most recent concurrency numbers paint a rather grim picture, with only 38 players in its most recent 24-hour peak — a far cry from an already anemic all-time high of 554. The game had a rocky early access launch but has kicked out a few hotfixes in accordance with its its May update roadmap, yet it could worryingly be too little, too late.

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