PlanetSide 2 executive producer Andy Sites took to Reddit yesterday for an update about “all things,” as he puts it. From bug fixes to the Emerald server upgrade to server transfers for players, a little bit of everything was indeed touched on in the post.

First off, a small hotfix went out yesterday with a few updates, while Sites confirmed a client-side hotfix has been published to address a crash related to vehicle physics and another client-only hotfix that addresses a crash related to vehicles exploding should be arriving today. This is part of ongoing efforts to cut through a backlog of issues that have plagued PlanetSide 2 since before Escalation’s release.

The planned Emerald server upgrade has had to be pushed back to Wednesday, March 25th, as a result of the TechOps team focusing efforts on implementing work-from-home functionality. “I’ve been assured that it will not have to slip again,” writes Sites. “We will do everything we can to keep [the Emerald server] on its feet for one last weekend until the hardware upgrade next week.”

Finally, the post pointed towards server transfer opportunities for ex-Briggs players to transfer from the SolTech server to the Connery server. Readers will recall that Briggs was the Australian server for PlanetSide 2 that merged with the Japanese SolTech server in August of last year, but now those Aussie players will be able to move over to the North American west coast Connery server between now and March 31st. Details and an FAQ are in the official announcement post.

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