Since it’s been some time since we last took a peek at Pathfinder Online, we thought it would be a good idea to see how the sandbox MMORPG is doing. Over the course of 2019, the game has moved from its Early Enrollment phase to Open Enrollment, which according to its FAQ represents “the point where [Paizo] believe[s] the game is comparable to similar MMOs developed in an old-fashioned, opaque, ‘ship it when it’s done’ method.”

The shift to Open Enrollment (aka v1.0) switched the game’s subscription model from account-based to character-based, giving players the ability to select a character as active while the others stay in Free Trial mode. This business model shift also came with a reduction in its monthly subscription price to $5.

The game has been kicking out updates ever since, including a new Combat Alchemist role, the addition of over 50 rare raw materials and salvage items for a Home Sweet Home event, and most recently, an update full of bug fixes. In other words, it’s come a lot further along than we ever expected back when it collapsed way back in 2015. (You can check out the recap we did back in 2018 for the whole story.) Keep on truckin’, little Pathfinder Online.

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