Since OrbusVR is a virtual reality game, there are certain limitations to jumping. After all, if you start jumping around in real life you would both face potential real-world injuries and discover that casually hopping over things above ankle-high is far harder than it looks. So instead, the game is adding climbing, allowing players to use vines, ropes, and ladders to ascend higher than you could otherwise reach. It’s one of the many features coming along with the game’s mini-story pack.

Another major addition are the game’s new treasure hunting mechanics, which allows you to get a map once per day off of enemies in the story areas and subsequently find a hidden treasure with potentially unique rare items. This update also heralds the return of the game’s escort missions in both “follow the NPC” and “NPC follows you” forms, with both versions improved to hopefully be more intuitive and less annoying. Check out the full feature preview for more details on all of these changes.

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