Archosaur Games, the studio behind MMOs like Jade Dynasty, Swordsman Online, and Dragon Raja, are about to enter the mobile MMORPG gaming ring once more with the launch of Noah’s Heart, an open world MMORPG powered by Unreal Engine 4 that promises a seamless open realm for players to explore and carve out their own digital lives, according to a blurb on the game’s announcement trailer.

“[Noah’s Heart] gives players the freedom to explore a realistic virtual world where anything is possible, whether it’s setting out on grand adventures, fighting for a better world or just living a simple domestic life. Discover the secrets of the Cube in a virtual world where anything is possible!”

Further reporting from Pocket Gamer reveals that the seamless open worlds of Noah’s Heart will be procedurally generated, with NPCs dotted around the map that players can build relationships with that could trigger events and side missions that promise decisions that can affect the overall story.

Things are only beginning for this title’s arrival, as there currently is only a Facebook page that’s just setting up shop, while the game itself is set to arrive to mobile devices some time in 2021. There is also the aforementioned trailer as well as a gallery of images we received, both of which can be seen after the break.

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