Let’s say you’re in the New World. You want to make a statement. You want something that says you mean business. Big, smashy, angry business. What you want, possibly, is the hammer, which is the latest weapon being focused on by the game’s Twitter account.

According to information shared in the tweet thread, hammers are the most powerful melee weapons in the game, dishing out the most damage, offering up the most range of melee options with its heavy attack, and offering up attacks that can deal with large groups of mobs or opponents who frequently block. The trade-off, however, is an extremely slow melee weapon that leaves players open to more agile weapon users, along with the fact that it’s a two-handed weapon and thus provides less defense against ranged attackers.

This peek from the armory of New World hasn’t offered up any looks at different hammers like its recent sword-based Twitter threads at the time of this writing, but perhaps that will come later. In any case, it’s perhaps nice to know that players can do a big smashy.

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