Just when you thought people dressing up as aliens to participate in gang wars was the tip of the Grand Theft Auto Online community iceberg, in comes a glut of new faces thanks to the game being offered for free on EGS, which has reportedly caused a whole lot of general unrest in the online world.

According to a report on Polygon, new players are making life difficult for regular players of GTAO as they foul up carefully planned heists and crash into cargo escorts, causing missions to fail and thousands of digital dollars to be lost. This has caused veteran players to lash out on new arrivals, who often bring significantly more powerful weapons and vehicles to bear on characters that have almost no assets and no ways to defend themselves. New players attempting to organize heists of their own are also seeing their calls for joining up on missions go unheeded as established players ignore them.

So, basically, if you grabbed a free version of GTA Online, you might want to find some high-level friends to play with for both the purposes of learning and for protection. It’s unfriendly out there.

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