Can Magic Legends take the frenetic pace of action combat and introduce tactics into the mix? Cryptic says that, yes, it can do just that.

The studio put out a new dev blog in which it said that instead of the random skill drawing system creating a chaotic fighting system, it will actually encourage players to adapt on the spot.

Actually, that still sounds pretty chaotic, but the studio says that it’ll work. Somehow.

“The dynamic nature of this system requires players to think on their feet as their available tools and surrounding situation create an ever-changing moment-to-moment experience,” said Cryptic.

Part of this dynamic combat includes making judgment calls on how to expend mana and what card combos should be chased. To make things even more complex, there’s a “spark meter” that can be spent to increase mana generation or unleash ultimate powers.

“As we continue to expand the total collection of spells from hundreds to potentially thousands throughout the game’s lifetime, we aim to further deepen the identities of the colours and reinforce the importance of decision making with each spell players add to their deck,” the studio said.

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