We all know and love the bow and arrow, but sometimes you want a bit more high tech in your fantasy ranged archetype. Lost Ark will soon have Korean players covered in that respect with the Scouter class, which will be arriving as part of the game’s Season 2 updates.

The Scouter will utilize a sub-machine gun and a drone as part of the class’ arsenal. It sounds a bit like a pet class, as the drone can be ordered to attack and move to certain areas, and can unleash laser beams or freezing attacks. The Scouter can even utilize the drone in what are called Joint Skills (according to Google Translate), which lets the player grab their drone and fly through enemy lines or transform the drone into a laser cannon. There’s also a Hyper Sync skill that sees the drone transform into a sort of assault armor for the Scouter, providing stronger attacks, a shield, and a variety of unique abilities.

Whether this high-tech class breaks Lost Ark’s immersion for you or not can be decided with a video of the class in action below. Personally, I think everything’s better with robot.

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