It has been a good long while since Lord of the Rings Online players were able to transfer characters between servers. In fact, for a while there, it was easier to walk into Mordor than switch realms (pause for polite laughter)!

Anyway, Standing Stone Games announced this week that character transfers are back on for those looking to pull up stakes and strike out for a new land. The cost of a transfer is pricey, however: 2495 LOTRO Points, which is roughly equivalent to $25. The exception here is for the legendary Ithil server, which can Red Rover its toons over to its sister Anor server for free.

The studio clarified what’s going on with Ithil: “Ithil’s population is significantly lower than Anor’s, as folks well know, so we are listening to those who have asked us to be able to bring their characters to the more populated world. There is not an announcement to be made at this time about plans for Ithil. We’ll see what the community wants to do about Ithil, given an option to transfer to Anor, and use that information to help inform future decision-making.”

SSG said that character transfers are restricted to region (i.e., only US to US servers, not US to European) and that no characters on closed servers can make the switch (although that’s coming).

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