The cat is out of the bag, the MMO is out of early access, and the fun is out of control. With the official launch of Legends of Aria this past week, Citadel Studios is seizing the moment to gain some attention and rouse players to this sandbox world.

That’s a slightly long-winded way of saying: It’s time to party! All weekend through Monday, Legends of Aria is hosting several in-game events. Today, the team is running a Chaos Zone event in the Ruin dungeon, followed by an arena PvP tournament on Sunday, and a house decoration competition on Monday.

“All players will receive a 30 gem bonus upon completing their daily login reward task, ending on the final day of our in-game launch festival on Monday, July 13th,” Citadel said. “In addition, we’ve further expanded on our login rewards to celebrate: Every day that a player logs in through the final day of the festival they will receive one hour of double skill gains.”

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