Just a few weeks after leaving early access and finally formally launching, Legends of Aria is already moving on to its next content phase. Season 4: The Shifting Sands is coming August 10th, with fresh dynamic encounters in the Barren Lands. Not so barren anymore!

“Journey throughout the Withering Sands and Flat Wilds to discover new dynamic monster spawns,” Citadel Studios writes. “Mysterious portals will guide your way to encounters against desert-bound creatures including Lizardmen, Beetles, Gorgons, and more. Each spawn features a new mechanic that allows the final boss to scale both in difficulty and and reward based on the number of players completing the spawn. We are excited to pilot this feature during the seasonal content and plan on incorporating it into all dynamic spawn locations in the future.”

The team is likewise promising new rewards through PvE and PvP challenges as part of the season setup. Check it all out on the official site.

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