The devs of survival sandbox Last Oasis are hard at work on the next update, which should be arriving later this week, but in the meantime they want players to know some of the things they’re focusing on both with this update and in future updates.

One of the first topics is the problem with exploits. With the majority of outright cheating issues are reportedly dealt with (after four-digits’ worth of account bans), exploits such as undermeshing or hiding inside large objects, abusing inventory protection, and hiding attack stances by crouching are now a major source of bad behaviour and should all be addressed with the next patch.

The devs are aware of performance problems with Last Oasis and those should be mitigated with the next patch as well, though they promise to keep an eye on the matter.

Some of the big features for Last Oasis like oases being burned by the sun and the opening of private servers are still not in-game, and there’s still no timeline on when these features will arrive. As these features are “heavily intertwined” and even contributed to the game’s rocky launch, they continue to be pushed back while the team’s engineers continue to work through the problem.

Finally, the post offers some word on the zerging problem and a proposed solution which incorporates oases with different clan size restrictions, which will allow players to travel between best-suited tiles depending on their group size. This fix is currently in testing right now, with no ETA on when it will go live.


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