If there was ever an MMO that was made for parties to adventure together, it is Dungeons and Dragons Online. Telwyn over at GamingSF had fun recalling recent adventures with a dedicated group that went all over Eberron in search of loot, stories, and conquests.

“This was another fun and rather complicated dungeon, consisting of a complex series of caves on several levels,” Telwyn said of a pirate-themed mission. “Who can resist a pirate ship in a cave? Ever since The Goonies, this has been an absolute classic scenario.

The traps and locks proved a bit more of a challenge in this dungeon, but we got through all the challenges intact.”

Read on for more posts, including a fresh look at World of Warcraft Classic, some love for guilds, how Animal Crossing is keeping two sisters connected, and more!

MMO One Night a Week: World of Warcraft Classic as a casual player

Classic started well enough. I waited a few days to miss the rush and levelled my hunter just as I did when retail first went live (including the queues but without the lag).  Before long I started gathering things I couldn’t use and so that had me start recreating my other toons since I’ve always been a hoarder in WoW.”

Massively Multiplayer Fallout: Just one question for Trials of Ascension

Trials of Ascension looks like an EverQuest II prototype-era game. It is beyond my understanding why anyone would purchase such a tainted IP, let alone buy it with the hopes of turning it into a profitable business venture.

At the very least you should have taken the assets, scrubbed the Trials of Ascension name from them, and continued development under a pseudonym hoping that nobody would see the connection.”

Going Commando: Guild love

“While more introverted people like me might feel encouraged to log on more often to get a small dose of socialisation, the same actually applies to the extroverts right now, as they suddenly don’t have anyone to hang out with other than their online friends, now that their various movie nights, parties and sports events are cancelled. (It makes us feel so loved!)”

Looking for some HELL PIT, baby, this evening

Neverwinter Thoughts: Uprising letdown

“Having just completed Uprising at the time of writing this post, I have to say that it has to be the laziest campaign that Cryptic has ever released, and lazy is not a word I use lightly in a context like this. It consists of nothing but a tiny new quest hub where an NPC gives you a mission to fetch four whatsits.”

Kaylriene: A Horrific Visions wrap-up post and retrospective

“Horrific Visions, I feel, are one of a few modes of play that are highly adjustable. You can take them from being vastly simple affairs to being intense, difficult matters with nailbiting moments of challenge, and just about anywhere in-between.

The system has a learning curve built-in, with multiple natural soft nerfs via familiarity, gearing, and increases to sanity drain resistance and the talent tree for inside the visions, and the Mask system lets you scale the difficulty up in selectable ways with both a modifier twist as well as a simple scaling up of health and damage.”

Aywren Sojourner: Animal Crossing New Horizons is bringing the smiles

“My sister and I both preordered the digital game with the intention of playing together before all the work at home started for me. I got the word that we’ll be out of the office until the end of April now.

This doesn’t bother me a whole lot as I’m usually a homebody. But I have to admit that it’s nice to have a social outlet.

The two of us hook up over Discord, sometimes including other friends and family, and we explore our islands and all the fun things Animal Crossing offers together, yet separately. Sometimes we visit, but a lot of our time is spent doing our own thing while just being on the other end of voice chat to talk about what changes have happened and what we’ve learned.”

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