Last week, Ship of Heroes’ Heroic Games announced a “surprise” beta test round – open to the public – during the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, the team has posted a newsletter to explain to players just what they can expect from the events, expected to run for two weeks.

For example, the studio says travel powers will be fully activated; the Beta Club, hospital, and auction house are open; and the character creation tool is ready to roll. But there are new things too, including additions to the CCT, new and improved costumes, the Controller archetype and two of its power sets, fightable baddies, ambushes, leveling features, and the diurnal cycle.

“This is a free event we’re hosting to add a little fun into the lives of our community, many of whom are at home due to the coronavirus,” Heroic notes. “This is not a real Beta in which we would ask you to keep an eye out for bugs; there are bugs aplenty, and we’re already working on fixing most of them. This is just a chance to run across the latest dev map and see a well-made game that’s under construction.”

If you don’t have access, you can still send the studio a note asking for it even now.

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