With COVID-19 still raging around the country, Bethesda has turned this year’s QuakeCon into a virtual event running August 7th through August 9th. Do the math: That’s just a week away! And Bethsoft has posted a full schedule of what to expect and when, including panels for all of its core games.

Most notable for our audience is going to be the Elder Scrolls Online Conquering Icereach segment, Pete Hines playing ESO, and the ESO art panel on Sunday. But there are others that’ll be worth a look too, including the voiceover panel featuring Jennifer Hale, the Fallout 76 CAMP showcase, and the ESO Unicef charity programming.

ZeniMax’s Matt Firor will also be on the virtual stage during the introduction event. “Studio Director Matt Firor takes part in the QuakeCon Digital Welcome and talks about the year so far, discusses the Dark Heart of Skyrim, and even shares a new Stonethorn gameplay trailer!” If you can see only one thing, that’s probably the one to peek at.

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