When you’re in hot competition against other players in an MMO, the last thing you want to experience is hitting a skill button… and suffering a pause as the game makes up its mind whether or not it wants to do that thing. ArenaNet acknowledged that Guild Wars 2’s world vs. world scene is being dragged down by skill lag, which is why both long- and short-term solutions are being sought.

A recent post on the forums announced that the team ran some tests this past Friday to see if they can get any short-term performance gains by reducing the map population. Bigger fixes are in the works, but it sounds as if those are a way off.

“We still want WvW to feel like WvW, and we realize that any reduction to player counts will have a negative impact on the overall gameplay experience,” ArenaNet said. “We will be weighing that negative impact against the positives of any performance improvements to determine if it makes sense to move forward with lower map caps beyond this initial test.”

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