While most of us here recognize Gloria Victis as a sandbox MMORPG, developer Fish Tank Studio is working with Black Eye Games as publisher to release Gloria Victis: Siege, a survival and resource management game set in the world of Gloria Victis that tasks players with living through a fortress siege long enough for help to arrive.

Gloria Victis: Siege tasks players with helping a city’s last defenders with this effort, which involves gathering resources, crafting supplies, scavenging, and mitigating morale.

Management runs a wide array of things including weapons and provisions for soldiers, care for the sick and wounded, preservation of food, and management of infrastructure to make the city more efficient.

The game also touts the fact that players will have to make tough decisions and that no choice is good or bad, with decisions often dealing with either direct survival or improving morale. It all sounds like a grim medieval version of Sim City.

In addition to these features, Gloria Victis: Siege will also have a devkit that will let players create their own scenarios and tell their own stories. This devkit will either be included with the full game’s launch or released later as free DLC.

For now, the game is set for a release sometime this year and can be wishlisted on Steam, which will also count towards a wishlist challenge that unlocks a cosmetic helmet.

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