Surviving in a magical world with spells against monsters? No, it’s not Citadel: Forged with Fire, it’s Frozen Flame, an in-development multiplayer survival RPG from developer Dreamside Interactive that promises “a fresh take” on the survival genre. Namely the fact that the world is regularly facing a cataclysm, which resets a game cycle and saves a part of player progress, bringing them closer to a final boss fight.

Frozen Flame touts a number of features such as active third-person combat, a consistently changing open world that holds up to 50 players with each world sporting a number of hazards, monsters, and currently one dungeon, a flexible leveling system and crafting system, the ability to build settlements, and PvP when players join one of the game’s Orders, which offer unique quests and rewards for their members.

Frozen Flame has come off of an extremely successful Fig crowdfunding campaign, raising over $129k and moving well past its initial $50k ask. The game will arrive to Steam Early Access at some point in 2020, where it plans to add new dungeons, maps, items, and monsters. Early access is planned to take between six and nine months.

Interested players can add this one to their Steam wishlists and keep eyes on either the game’s official site, it’s social media, or its development progress on its Clickup board. There’s also a teaser trailer and a look at the first four minutes of gameplay in the embedded videos below.

sources: Steam, Fig, thanks to Kinya for the tip!

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