Care for another sneak peek at a Korean mobile MMO? Then take a gander at Bless Mobile, which is currently out for Korean players but has been played by the folks at MMO Culture. At least the opening hour and a half, anyway.

As evidenced in the video below, Bless Mobile is making its first steps towards a western release as evidenced by some English translations already in-game, though there’s no timeline on when that will play out.

The video also shows that an opening couple of hours in the game is mostly tutorial-focused, with quests that guide you along on how to do a variety of things in the game.

That all said, Bless Mobile is offering a number of activities for players like world bosses, guild raids, and a number of PvP modes.

It’s just a question of how long the tutorial segments and subsequent levelling will draw out before one gets to those points. In either case, you can get your eyes full of the opening salvo in the embed.

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