It’s almost time for the latest iteration of Hatching-Tide to hop back into Final Fantasy XIV, and this year you can indulge in any Donnie Darko cosplay you want because the marquee prize is a big bunny suit. Yes, it’s a full-body bunny suit. We want to make it very clear that this is different from the bunny suit available at the Gold Saucer (which is more based on Playboy bunnies) or from a suit being worn by a Viera (which would be a bunny’s suit). This lets you pretend at being a rabbit in a wall-eyed costume suit.

Actually, how do Viera feel about seeing that? Is it upsetting?

Regardless of silly lore speculation, the bunny suit will be available by taking part in the event which kicks off on March 30th; however, the event actually has two separate chapters, with the second part kicking off on April 5th. So you can’t just clear the whole event on the day it arrives, a notable change from prior years. That’ll make for an interesting experience when the event kicks off next week, so be ready if you really need to have another bunny dress-up option available.

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