With the long days and even longer nights of Fallout 76, any distraction from a world falling apart is a welcome one. So it is with good cheer that Bethesda is ending the month on a pair of events.

Running right now through next Monday is the Treasure Hunter event, where players can hunt down special mole miners for their goodies. After that, the Fasnacht Parade will send robots marching around town in their festive get-ups while players protect them. The studio said that it’s adding new masks to this event reprise.

Bethesda also clarified the upcoming seasonal format in this week’s newsletter: “Participation in Fallout Seasons will be free for all of our players, and we apologize for any confusion. Additionally, everyone is going to gain access to each new Season as soon as it begins, and all players will follow the same progress and reward track. You will have the option to purchase individual ranks for Atoms in the order they appear, but not during the first two weeks of a Season.”

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