WoW Classic isn’t the only game in town that’s throwing massive community construction events these days. Starting early next month, Fallout 76 is enlisting its entire band of vault dwellers to help make a new base. And not just any base — but one for the incoming Brotherhood of Steel.

“The Brotherhood of Steel have set their sights on Appalachia (who hasn’t these days?) and a man named Russell Dorsey believes they’re en route to ATLAS Observatory,” Bethesda said. “Starting August 4th, you can join in a community-wide effort to construct a prospective base for the Brotherhood and help unlock new events and cosmetic rewards for everyone.”

If the whole community can deliver the millions of units of steel, concrete, and other materials within certain time frames, then everyone on the server will get spiffy rewards. These include a Brotherhood beret, a CAMP banner, and your very own robot. The event will run through September 10th.

Also coming next month is an all-digital QuakeCon (August 7th through the 9th), where Fallout 76 devs will appear to talk about and show off the game.

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