There are some new heights of power to climb for in Dungeon Fighter Online with the introduction of Season 6, Act 1, otherwise known as Ascension. The level cap has now been raised from 95 to 100, bringing with it a whole bunch of new challenges to face off and plenty of new gear to chase.

As one would expect, new levels mean new things to face off against and that’s just what players are getting in this update, with several new dungeons that drop different tiers of new level 100 gear, from Unique all the way up to the new Mythic tier, which can be equipped in the top, bracelet, or earrings slots.

Players should bear in mind, however, that only one Mythic item can be worn at a time. There are also a number of new systems that let players transfer equipment enhancements or even upgrade level 95 Epics to level 100 Epics.

The new update has brought along with it a whole slew of events, including events to earn level 100 Epic or Mythic gear, daily and weekly missions, and a level boost event with ramped-up earnings from level 1 – 94 and rewards for those who rush from 95 to 100. Details for these events can be found in links from on the update’s landing page.


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