This week’s TWAB is once again loaded with information about more changes due for Season 11 of Destiny 2. This time around, we’re getting deep dives into the world loot pool, tweaks to weapon perks, and some changes to weapon archetypes.

The world loot pool will promise to be “curated both for relevance and overall size” in order to hit a balance between number of rewards earned and improving the chance of getting a desired drop. Bungie is also looking to refresh the world pool with meta-relevant weapons every season. As for this season, the post has a list of what goodies are being added to the world loot table for Season 11.

As for weapon perks, the post once more goes into a very specific dive into changes coming, especially with regards to perks that affect reloading a weapon. The devs see most players leaning towards weapons with perks for more damage or reduced downtime (imagine that), so they’re seeking to improve reload perks for various weapons. There are also plans for adjusting other unused perks and a hint of some new perks.

Finally, some underperforming weapon archetypes are being tuned as well: Expect improvements to slug shotguns in PvE, high impact pulse rifles in Crucible, and Bow damage in PvE encounters.

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