Dauntless has been pretty active on the news front lately, so allow me, the person on the staff who plays the snot out of this game, to bundle it all for you. It’s hard work keeping everyone safe from Behemoths and writing games news stories, but you’re all worth it. You’re welcome.

  • We’ll start with the game’s latest patch, which has trimmed the fat on download sizes for the console versions of the game as well as made a few tweaks to Behemoths, swords, and general gameplay fixes.
  • For players who have been farming the Umbral Escalation and have been wondering just what the heck is going on with that creepy orb thing, the Dauntless Twitter account is teasing that some secrets are awaiting to be revealed in the Umbral Deeps map soon. Spooky.
  • Ever want to dress up as your Slayer but appreciate how wearing horns and spiked plate armors would be a bad idea? Volante Design has you covered with the Zaga Coat, which is styled after the chest piece crafted from the Nayzaga. The Zaga Coat comes in men’s and women’s styles and can be yours for a cool $485.
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