Game dev lost another of its luminaries recently with the news that Arnold Hendrick has passed away at age 69, succumbing to terminal cancer this past Monday, May 25th, according to a post in a Facebook group for former MicroProse employees.

Hendrick was a long-time game designer and developer who is most well-known for the single-player MicroProse RPG Darklands, but has been involved in a variety of MMO game development jobs, working on games such as Air Warrior and Super Hero Squad Online, and as part of MMO virtual world software company Forterra Systems.

Hendrick’s work on Darklands is credited by Bethesda’s Todd Howard as an inspiration in the creation of his own RPG titles, and he was also close to Raph Koster. He was also a frequent writer, both on his own blog about MMO game development and in our own comments. One of his more resounding comments was part of our Overthinking piece about advice to give new MMO gamers:

“Unlike a solo game, MMOs – especially MMORPGS – are not about getting to ‘the end’ as fast as possible, or even being the most powerful. Ignore those taunts about ‘git gud.’ Everyone learns at their own rate, in their own way, finds their own fun.

“The first MMO you enjoy will be the one you remember most fondly the rest of your life. Savor the journey, enjoy the trip, and make friends along the way.

“The massively multiplayer part gives you the maximum chance of making new friends. If all you’re doing in making enemies, consider spending your time and money on a good psychiatrist instead of on the game. Even the military has zero interest in people who do nothing but piss off fellow soldiers as well as the enemy.”

We extend our deepest condolences to his family and his loved ones.

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