So just what is Crowfall’s Dregs campaign exactly? Perhaps you’ve missed out on all of the references to the GvG world, but J. Todd Coleman and a player by the name of Blazzen arrived to Mein-MMO’s Twitch channel to further talk about the gameplay mode in what’s being touted by the game’s Twitter as “the first public reveal” of the campaign.

The information discussed in the stream is not terribly new to regular followers of the game, but it did provide some footage of a castle siege that occurred during a playtest, complete with trebuchets laying down fire on buildings and gleefully wrecking things. Blazzen explained that the footage features three guilds raiding the location: an attacking guild, a defending guild, and a third guild that rushed in to try and take advantage of the situation. He also mentioned that the footage features players using some of the benefits of the Glory, Wealth, and Power cards earned over the course of the campaign.

If you’re new to this whole Crowfall Dregs thing, the video is certainly worth a look. And be sure to check out Sam’s impressions of the mode for additional insight and opinion.

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