If you like your Black Desert with a whole lot of little in-game events, then the most recent update to the MMORPG on PC is ready to aim a party popper right into your face. Figuratively, anyway. Unless Pearl Abyss has perfected party popper projection technology at some point during game development somehow.

The spring season is being celebrated with a limited-time event that lets players plant their own cherry blossom tree, harvest it for a specific currency, and turn in that currency for boxes full of rewards like Black Stones, Memory Fragments, and accessories. The tree can be purchased from the Pearl Shop for 100,000 Silver once per day. If you’d rather not spend your Silver, there’s monster slaying, gathering, and fishing that can be done for goodies as well, and a spring-themed screenshot contest.

If you’re keen on chasing these spring-themed events, then you’ll tangentially be participating in a new playtime event with login rewards and attendance rewards. Specifically, playing for certain lengths of time rewards Knight’s Insignia currency which can be turned in for Cron Stones, special bundles and boxes, and the Tachros’ Spirit Stone item that a huge number of boosts like more XP and faster casting speed for five minutes.

Also, the fourth anniversary party is rolling on with more new events. This time around there are Suppressed Boss Gear Boxes to find from the Challenges menu, with class-specific weapons found from taking on certain bosses and some free equipment for completing certain challenges. There are also new Distorted Illusions added to the Altar of Blood. All of the salient details for these events are in the link.

Perhaps, though, you’re not a PC player of Black Desert. Don’t worry, there’s something new for you as well with the official launch of the Maehwa class, along with her Awakening, Rabam skills, and absolutes. There’s also a variety of other updates like new bonus quests, a new reagent that lets players combine three green elixirs into one stronger blue elixir, Black Spirit Rage Skills, and changes to Monster Zones among other things. Make sure to check the link for the patch notes as well as watch the Maehwa in action below.

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