There’s been a recent update made to the adorable Animal Crossing New Horizons, including the ability to visit a dream version of other players’ islands in their sleep, backup their island and save data, and take in fireworks shows every Sunday which can be modified to include custom fireworks designs.

So, naturally, everyone started filling their night skies with dicks.

Yes, the custom designed fireworks allow for any shape crafted by players to arrive in colorful explosions as part of a fireworks display, which means there’s been a proliferation of penises in the peaceful islands of the game’s world. We’ll not embed any of the video and image footage here since it’s pretty much NSFW, even if it is humorous in a puerile way.

What we will embed is footage of people tripping and falling on their faces, which was also added to the game and seems to be far more common when wearing a King Tut’s Mask item. This addition also could mean that an internal luck system that was in previous versions of Animal Crossing is on the way. But for right now, it’s mostly just a form of amusement.

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