It’s about that time for the guilds of Albion Online to test their might, prove they’re the best, and maybe get their ridiculous guild name on a leaderboard for all to see. Guild Season 10 is looming, kicking off on Saturday, August 22nd, and the devs have posted the schedule of events.

The season begins on the 22nd, territory and castle scoring starts the day after, and territory battles kick off the day after that. There will be two invasion days and territory resets on September 19th and October 10th, with the final Crystal League battles happening on November 15th and the season wrapping up on November 16th.

What will change this season is the primary features of the Rise of Avalon update, including the new Avalonian weapons and the ability for guilds to build hideouts in the Roads of Avalon area, which should introduce some new wrinkles to the upcoming season, for better or worse.

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